Great Grandfather Reuben Thomas and Wife Judy (Judy married a man named Bell after Reuben died)


William Henry Thomas
and Wife Emma Brown Thomas       Nora Thomas      Lily Thomas Strong 


Benjamin F. Thomas

        Fred D. Thomas
                Nevada Thomas

                        Booker T. Thomas

                                Mattie Thomas

                                        Alberta Thomas

                                                Willie Mae Thomas

                                                        Catherine Thomas

William Henry Thomas
and wife Emma Brown Thomas

Benjamin F. Thomas (Deceased): 1 Child-
          Gladys Thomas Owens
Fred D. Thomas (Deceased): 10 Children-
Fred Thomas, Jr., Arthur Lee Thomas, Reuben C. Thomas, Gracie Thomas Penn-Rich, Betty Thomas Redwood, Terry L. Thomas, Oliver W. Thomas, Sr.; Rose Thomas Pulliam, Emma D. Thomas Anderson, Benjamin C. Thomas

Nevada Thomas Wright
(Deceased): 9 Children-
A.D. Wright, Opal L. Wright Stewart, Anthony Wright Jr., Eunice C. Wright Ponder, Sadie C. Wright Phillips, D. Jeanne Wright Simpson, Emma L. Wright Creasey

Booker T. Thomas (Deceased): 1 Child-
William H. Thomas (one child-Elaine Thomas Lucas)

Mattie Thomas Hayes (Deceased): No children

Alberta Thomas (Deceased): No children

Willie Mae Thomas Adams (Deceased): No children

Catherine Thomas (Deceased): 1 Child-
Curtis "Neb" Thomas

Nora Thomas Fleming and Husband Bill Fleming

Henry Fleming (Deceased): No children

Josie Fleming Smith Poston (Deceased): 2 Children
     Clara Smith Dixon - 5 Children: Daniel Dixon, Carl Dixon, Clarence Dixon, Sandra Dixon, Francine Dixon
     Elnora Easter- 7 Children: Willie Easter, John Easter, Patrick Easter, Christopher Easter, Beverly Easter, Valerie Easter, Pamela Easter

George Fleming (Deceased): No children

Ollie Mae Fleming Howard Pickens (Deceased): No children

Andrew "Griff" Fleming (Deceased): 5 children-
Lavern Fleming Turner-3 sons-James Darryl Gorman, Aaron Jerome Turner, Prentice Lavar Turner

Virginia Ruth Fleming Stout

Eugene Fleming (Deceased): 1 child-
Theresa Fleming Lee

Albert Fleming

Benjamin Fleming (Deceased)

Lily Thomas Strong

Lily had no children ??? (Percy Hines??)